The Orange Phase 19”  GPC Platform is tailored for the most complex applications which can be found in industry and university. It also includes both most common detectors (DRI and UV) for unsurpassable performance and flexibility. A complete Orange Analytics Phase 19”  GPC System consists of:

  • Orange Analytics Phase 19” GPC Pump with additional Degasser Module
  • Orange Analytics Phase 19” GPC Injection Valve and column oven
  • Orange Analytics Phase 19” GPC Differential Refraction Index Detector (DRI)
  • Orange Analytics Phase 19” GPC Ultraviolet Absorption Detector
  • Software Package for Windows PC

Optional Detectors:    MALLS (SLS – Multi Angle Laser Light Scattering Detector )

All modules are also available separately. Therefore it is possible to build smaller systems for specific applications or to upgrade existing Orange Analytics GPC Systems. New modules will be available in the future, always with full backward compatibility. So you can keep your GPC System on the cutting edge without further big investments. With our modular GPC system you are perfectly prepared for the future and will be able to always use the most advanced technologies available for your application.

DN / DC how it works

When collecting detail information about polymer composition and structure, knowing the dn/dc value is of great importance. It is a thermodynamic measure of how much the refractive index of a solution of the polymer varies for a given increment in concentration.

Basically the system has a split cuvette with one compartment for the pure solvent and another for the polymer solution, separated by a transparent wall at an angle of 45 degrees.

Light passing through the cell is deflected a tiny amount proportional to the difference in refractive index Δn = n – no  between the polymer solution (n) and the pure solvent (no). To increase sensitivity the beam passes twice through the measurement cell.

The instrument works in batch mode and comes with a Windows based software. All samples may be retrieved if needed. Usually five or more concentration steps up to 10mg/mL are used for colibration to get a good result. As only 0.5mL liquid are required to flush the instrument from the previous sample, readings can be preformed in a short time. Typically a complete and software guided measurement cycle can be completed in less than 20 minutes.


19“ DN/DC 

DNDCFeatures at a glance: 
  • Fast instrument warm-up (< 1 hour)
  • Sensitivity, 2.5 x 10-9 ΔRIU
  • Reference cell flush
  • dndc Windows Software included
  • Active temperature control to 80 °C
  • PreSet Wavelengths: 620nm, 535nm or 470nm

The Organge Analytics 19 “ dndc instrument compares a set of usually five to eight polymer standards of different concentrations to the pure solvent in the reference cell. As differences in the refractive index are very small, the high precision this instrument offers is unconditionally required. The instrument automatically waits until the signal is stable enough to deliver a valid reading. Concentration range of samples is typically 0.1 to 10 mg/mL in qunatities around 0.5 mL, if required, this sample quantity can be recovered and reconstituted. Determinations can be done in around twenty minutes. 

Orange Analytice 19“ Perfection GPC

Features at a glance: 
  • Fast instrument warm-up (< 1 hour)
  • Sensitivity, 2.5 x 10-9 ΔRIU
  • Reference cell flush
  • ParSec Windows Software included
  • Active temperature control to 80 °C
  • PreSet Wavelengths: 620nm, 535nm or 470nm

Orange Analytics 19” Perfection GPC instrument platform is the top performance system selected when no compromises are acceptable. When polymer compositions have to be closely determined. When Bio research need precise properties of proteins. Instrument precision is paired with long time performance reliability to deliver excellent results for the most demanding applications as well as for all the routine runs. All handled by the user friendly ParSEC control software, one of the best packages available for GPC data interpretation.

Phase 19″ – Pump Module

creating the basis for high precision GPC

A Pump specifically designed for SEC/GPC which will never let you down, no matter which eluents or buffer you need to deliver. This pump will do the job like no other. For highest reliability, an active piston back flushing system is available as an upgrade.

For even more performance our Phase 19” pump modules can be coupled with the most advanced degasser on the market today in form of our Phase 19” Degasser Module.

Phase 19″ – RI Detector

High Performance Refraction Index Detector

A Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is the most important concentration detector in GPC/SEC. It can detect practically any dissolved material. Useful as single4 detector but also in combination with a viscosity or light scattering instrument to provide full polymer characterization.

Because a DRI is the most common one Orange Analytic uses the DRI at the same time as the interface between the system and the PC.

Phase 19″ – UV Detector

Scientific Grade UV-Absorption Detector

A compact and reliable double-beam design with signal and reference channels coupled with a state of the art fixed wavelength LED as light source.

This unit fulfils the most demanding requirements of routine analytics and industrial applications.



Orange Analytics 19” Modular GPC for Industry: 


The Orange SEC/GPC 19” platforms target all the budget aware users, who require highest performance coupled with long life and lowest possible cost of ownership.

Each Module of the Orange SEC Platforms Series has been designed and manufactured to perform in excellence on a long term with little to no maintenance at all. All components have been tested under toughest applications and eluents including HFIP, DMF, DMAc, DMSO and various aqueous buffers in the widest possible pH Range. The modular Orange GPC 19” platform relies on a powerful and user friendly chromatography data-system, well known for its capabilities. Therefore the Orange GPC 19” systems deliver excellent results for the most demanding applications as well as for all the routine runs.

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